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Exercising Through the Ages

As you get older, it is important to change up your exercise routine. Making these changes will help you stay safe, healthy, and active. Support your body’s strength and stay healthy with these tips to change the way you exercise in each stage of your life.

  • Ages 20–29: Build your base. Now is the best time to make fitness part of your routine. Exercising helps you gain muscle mass and bone strength. Make time 4-5 days a week for exercise. Focus on strength training and weight bearing moves, like pushups and lunges.
  • Ages 30—39: Switch it up. In your 20s, you probably found your favorite workouts. Change things up and give your body a different kind of workout. Keep doing strength training but try new activities too. If you swim, try biking. If you run, try yoga.
  • Ages 40—49: Keep your strength. Stick with your routine and continue to strengthen your muscles. You may feel like your muscles aren’t as strong or that you are gaining weight—but exercise can really boost your metabolism! Keep up the good work, lift weights, and stay active. Make sure to stretch for at least 10 minutes after each workout.
  • Ages 50—59: Protect your heart and core. Hormones in your body start to change when you reach your 50s, which can slow down your metabolism. Make sure to exercise for 30 minutes or more, 5 times a week. This will help to protect your heart. Give yourself time between workouts. Try yoga or Pilates to support and build up your abs and back. This can help with your posture too.
  • Ages 60—69: Keep up your strength and flexibility. At this age, it is important to stay active and safe! You may see a change in your balance. Join a group fitness class or yoga to work on your health and your balance, while also meeting new people. Having social support during exercise can help you to do it more often!
  • Ages 70 and up: Focus on prevention. Work on strength, flexibility, and balance by doing activities like lifting light weights, doing yoga, and walking. If you get tired or have any pain, take it slow. Exercising during these years can help prevent disease and keep up an active mind and lifestyle.


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