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Sexual Health

We offer quality and confidential (private) healthcare to all our patients. Our centers offer testing and care for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), HIV, and Hepatitis.

We also provide an array of birth control options, preventive education programs, counseling, and other supportive services.

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Safe Sex

We offer testing and care for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV, and Hepatitis (liver disease):

  • Medical care for STIs, HIV, and Hepatitis
  • Counseling and other helpful services

Family Planning and Birth Control

Different types of birth control at low or no-cost:

  • Condoms (free for all)
  • The patch
  • The ring
  • Depo shot
  • Plan B or Ella (emergency contraception/ morning after pill)

  • Paragard- Copper IUD (birth control without hormones)
  • Hormonal IUD (birth control with hormones)
  • Nexplanon- Implant

Our doctors, nurses, and health educators can help you pick the right birth control for you.

If you are pregnant, we are happy to talk to you about your options. We offer prenatal care (care for pregnant women) and referrals for abortion and adoption services.

Worried about the cost of birth control?

We can help you get the birth control you want, even if you can’t pay. If you don’t have insurance, we can help you get it.

Are you under 21 years old?

CHN will never contact your parents about any sexual health services you get at CHN. These services will be fully private and will not cost you anything.

Do you have more questions?

Call (866) 246-8259 and ask to speak to a health educator, social worker, or nurse or email [email protected]