In our modern world, we often spend a lot of time on our cell phones. Screens like TVs, tablets, and phones can strain our eyes. They also cause us to sit for a long time and change our sleep and mood.

To limit screen time, try these tips:

  1. Reframe your thinking. Spend less time on your phone to spend more time on your life. Make time to hang out with loved ones or find a new hobby.
  2. Create “speed bumps”. A “speed bump” is something that makes you think about if you want to check your phone or not. Try putting a sticky note on your phone. You’ll have to take it off to check your messages. You can also set your lock photo to something that asks if you want to use your phone.
  3. Create space between you and your phone. Wear a watch to check the time and use an alarm clock instead of your phone. Look out the window or read a book on your train or bus ride. By making this space, you may want to check your phone less.
  4. Find your triggers. Turn off notifications or delete social media apps. You can also try turning on grey scale to make social media less exciting.
  5. Pay attention to your body. When you’ve been on your phone for a long time, ask yourself: do I need to be using my phone right now? Do I even want to use my phone right now? If the answer is no, put your phone away.


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