Relationships should make you feel good. Use these tips to help support and build healthy relationships with loved ones:

  1. Check-in. Talk with loved ones about relationship needs. Ask your loved one what they need from you. Let them know what you need from them. Talk about how you can both have your needs met. You can do this with a parent, a partner, or even a close friend.
  2. Support each other. People handle stress and anxiety in many ways. When times get tough, work together to make each other feel good. Talk about how you both can help make each other’s day better.
  1. Take time to organize your thoughts. If you and a loved one don’t agree, take a few minutes to gather your thoughts before speaking. This will help you better talk about how you are feeling.
  1. Welcome change. Relationships can grow due to life’s challenges as we age. Use this as a chance to make your relationships stronger.
  1. Listento how your loved ones are feeling. Take an interest in their feelings. They will be more likely to listen when you share how you are feeling.
  1. Respect differences. You and your loved ones may have your own hobbies, friends, feelings, goals, and thoughts. Differences give you the chance to learn from each other and enjoy your relationship more.

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