Ayurveda (pronounced ah-yer-vey-duh) is a natural healing practice from India. The word “Ayurveda” is made of 2 Sanskrit words: ayur and veda. Ayur means life and veda means science or knowledge. A main value of Ayurveda is that what you eat is just as important as how you eat it.

Making and eating meals that leave your mind and body feeling good allow your body to focus more on your digestion (the breakdown of food). Try these five Ayurvedic practices to help boost your digestion to feel more satisfied after meals.

  1. Sit and slow down. Sit down while you eat to help your organs relax and get ready for all the work they will do to help you digest! Take a few deep breaths after a few bites to see how your body is feeling. Focus on each chew and swallow.
  2. Eat only when hungry. Pause before you eat a snack and listen to your stomach. Are you hungry? Or are you stressed, bored, or thirsty? Wait 10 minutes before snacking. Many times, the desire to eat will go away. It is common for this desire to come in the evening. The body craves comfort foods at the end of the day when it wants to slow down and rest. Instead drink a glass of water and check in with yourself again.
  3. Have regular mealtimes. Our minds and bodies work best with routine. When we eat at similar times each day, our stomachs can prepare in advance for meal times. This allows our minds and bodies to relax and focus on our food.
  4. Eat light, or not at all, when angry or anxious. Worry and anger are two feelings that are not good for digestion. When your mind is busy, nothing will digest well! It is best to drink warm liquids and wait until your mind calms down before eating.
  5. Drink warm or room temperature water to keep your gut feeling cozy. While cold water can make it hard for the body to break down food, warm water will keep your gut working well. Warm water rehydrates the body and calms your body!


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