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Testimonial: Kioni- Peer, Teens PACT Program

“I believe our teen years can be one of the most confusing, turbulent, and exciting times of our lives. It is also a critical time– the beginning of figuring out who we want to be as adults.

Teens PACT provided me a strong foundation and I will forever be grateful. Being a super shy teen, the opportunity to learn with, meet, and educate peers like myself created an environment that was essential to my personal growth. With Teens PACT you not only get your “first job,” you also gain an experience that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Your coworkers turn into family, role models, and you have the opportunity to both educate and be educated on sex education topics that many teens– and even adults–are often deprived. It is that education that I would say I had the special privilege of having and I will always carry it with me. Teens PACT gave me that and more.”

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