“Ten years ago, I didn’t even really believe I’d be alive. If the sex work didn’t kill me, I was afraid someone on the street would see that I was transgender and kill me. Or I thought my boyfriend, who I did the sex work for, would kill me. Then, I found out I was HIV Positive and I started abusing alcohol to deal with everything. I thought I would be dead.

When I met Lorena and Liaam at CHN, they showed me that there was something better. I left my boyfriend and began treatment for alcohol and mental health. It’s good to have someone to talk to.

At Community Healthcare Network, I mattered. When I was at other clinics they didn’t even know my name. At CHN, the doctors and staff cared about me—they took the time to explain what was going on and treated me with respect. They also asked me what I wanted for my life and helped me to achieve those things.

CHN helped me get my T-Visa and to get some convictions expunged so that I can get my residency. I have a job, and hope to learn English and get my GED.

Community Healthcare Network has never let me down. When it got hard and I wanted to quit, they said they were not letting me go. And I’m so blessed that they didn’t.”