Stick to your New Year’s resolution! Follow these tips to help you stay on track and motivated!

  • Just pick one. Don’t try to change all at once. Make small changes at a time. This will give you a better chance to reach your larger goal by the end of the year.
  • Plan ahead. Learn about your resolution. Get ready with the tools you will need to make your change successful. Write them down on your calendar or journal.
  • Pick a start date You don’t have to make a change on New Year’s Day. Pick a day when you know you’ll feel rested, excited, and happy.
  • Talk about it. Tell your loved ones about your resolution. They can help you stay focused and motivated.
  • Stay inspired. Write your resolution down on a card. Keep it in your wallet, by your bed, or on your bathroom mirror so that you see it every day.
  • Reward yourself. Celebrate your success with small rewards like a magazine, a long-distance call to a friend, a quick rest, or a trip to the movies. Small rewards are a great way to help you keep going.
  • Make your resolution a part of every day. Think about your day and when it might be hard to stick with your resolution. Plan ways to get through hard times.
  • Learn from your mistakes.No one is perfect. If you have trouble, make a note of why it was hard and try again. Keep trying until you succeed.
  • Have patience. Set goals that you can reach. Remember, making lasting changes takes time.