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7 Vegetables You Can Re-grow Indoors

Happy Earth Day! This Earth Day celebrate the outdoors from inside! Recycle food scraps to grow vegetables. All you need is vegetable scraps, water, and a little sunlight. Re-sprouting your vegetables is easy and helps stretch your grocery budget! Place them on your windowsill to instill a sense of hope and wonder to watch something grow.

Re-grow these vegetables by placing the root-side down in a small amount of water:

Bok Choy: Cut off the base. Place root-side down in water.

Celery: Cut 2 inches away from the root end of the stalk. Place in 1 inch of water.

Fennel: Cut 1 inch away from the roots before placing in water.

Garlic Chives: This is the green that grows out of garlic. Take an unpeeled garlic clove and put in a dish. Only partly cover the clove with water.

Green Onion or Scallions: Place the bottom (white part with the roots) in a tall glass. Fill with 1 inch of water.

Leeks: Cut 2 inches away from the white root end before placing in water.

Romaine Lettuce: Cut off a half inch away from the bottom of the head of lettuce before placing in water.


  • Change the vegetable’s water every day or two.
  • Make sure no pieces fall off into the water.
  • The size of the container should be around the same size as the food you’re growing. Try using glass jars, old yogurt containers, or coffee cans.
  • You can re-grow many of the same vegetables. Just make sure you don’t crowd them.
  • Avoid placing your vegetables near or on a heating or cooling unit.
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