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While we are happy to have longer summer evenings, it can make it hard to get enough sleep so that you feel rested by the time the sun comes up again tomorrow. A bedtime ritual, like stretching, helps to take a little more time for yourself. It helps to reset the stress and thoughts that have built up during your busy day. Stretching before bed can help you fall asleep faster and more deeply. Try these stretches tonight and see the difference it can make for yourself!

Legs Up the Wall:
Helps relax your core to lower back pain and feel calmer

  1. Sit on the floor with the right side of your body against a wall.
  2. Lie on your back as you swing the backs of your legs up against the wall. Your hips can be up against the wall or a few inches away. Choose the distance most comfortable. You can also place a cushion under your hips for a bit of elevation.
  3. Rest your arms in any comfortable position.
  4. Stay in this pose for up to 10 minutes.

Happy Baby
Relieves tension in your spine, groin, and hips.

  1. Lie on your back. Bend your knees in towards your stomach.
  2. Grab the outsides of your feet with your hands. Open your knees slightly wider than your hips, then bring your knees towards your armpits.
  3. Raise your feet so your heels face up towards the ceiling. Flex through your heels and gently push your feet up into your hands for resistance. Slowly rock side-to-side to massage your lower back.

Child’s Pose

  1. On your hands and knees, sit back onto your heels with your knees slightly wider than your hips.
  2. Slowly walk your hands out in front of you to bring your forehead to the floor or until you feel a stretch. Relax your chest into this position. Hold for up to 10 minutes.

Water makes up most of your body. It helps your brain function, boosts your energy, protects your organs, and keeps your immune system strong.

The average person should aim to drink at least eight 8-ounce cups of water a day. Check out our tips for drinking more water throughout your day.


  • Choose water (tap, bottled, or sparkling) over sugary drinks. Use a colorful, reusable water bottle that won’t leak. This way, you can bring it anywhere!
  • Need more flavor? Add fruits or herbs! Infuse your water with lemons, limes, cucumber, mint, or even a combination of these. This helps improve the taste and helps you drink more.
  • Missing fizzy drinks? Add a small splash of 100% juice to plain sparkling water for a refreshing, low-calorie drink.
  • Need help breaking the habit? Don’t keep sugary drinks in your home. Keep a jug or bottles of cold water in your fridge.
  • Read nutrition labels while shopping. You’d be surprised at the amount of added sugars in some drinks.
  • At the coffee shop? Coffee is dehydrating, drink an extra cup of water for each cup of coffee you drink. Skip flavored syrups or whipped cream. Ask for a drink with low-fat or fat-free milk or unsweetened milk alternative or get back to basics with black coffee.
  • Make habits around drinking water. Set aside a specific time each day to drink water. Drink a cup of water between patient visits or each time you use the restroom.
  • Check the color of your pee to make sure you’re getting enough water. Your pee should be light yellow, almost clear.

Watermelon Rosemary Water
Makes 6 servings

You’ll Need:

  • 1 Sprig of Rosemary
  • 2 Cups Cubed Watermelon
  • 6 Cups of Water
  • Ice Cubes

To make:

  1. Cut watermelon into cubes. Discard the white and green part.
  2. Add watermelon cubes and sprig of rosemary to a pitcher of water.
  3. Refrigerate for 15 minutes.
  4. Serve over ice.