Community Healthcare Network (CHN), a New York City network of 14 federally qualified community health centers that serve over 80,000 patients per year, hired Chief Diversity and People Officer, Michelle Johnson, and Chief Population Health Officer, Dr. Dan Napolitano. Both positions are critical to CHN’s comprehensive approach to addressing health equity, racial equity, and the social determinants of health.

Community Healthcare Network (CHN), a network of 14 federally qualified health centers for over 80,000 patients in New York City, celebrates three newly elected members to the CHN Board.

Community Healthcare Network (CHN), a network of 14 Federally Qualified Health Centers in New York City, and Stop the Spread (STS), a catalytic organization that has corralled private industry partners for Covid-19 response programs, partnered to increase vaccine uptake in New York City neighborhoods with low vaccination rates.

YAP services are representative of CHN’s overall mission – to provide affordable, culturally sensitive, and comprehensive community-based primary care, reproductive health, nutrition, behavioral health, and social services for New Yorkers who may otherwise have little or no access to critical health care. The mobile YAP unit is part of CHN’s Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) network, which includes 14 sites across New York City and serves over 80,000 residents per year.

On May 19th at 11am, Community Healthcare Network (CHN), which operates 14 Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) throughout New York City, will host a ribbon cutting to celebrate rebuilding its East New York Dr. Betty Shabazz Health Center. Since its opening in 1968, the Health Center has provided essential primary care to medically underserved residents in and around East New York. With the help of key financing partners, CHN celebrates a $10 million investment to rebuild this critical healthcare facility, doubling its size and capacity.