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HealthySteps Program

HealthySteps Specialists offer support to families with kids ages 0-5 years old. They provide screenings to find challenges early, offer support, and prevent future challenges. HealthySteps Specialists can also help to:

  • Answer questions about your child’s development and behavior
  • Provide referrals and systems navigation support as needed

What's included

Screenings offered

  • Autism
  • Development
  • Parent’s mental health
  • Trauma risk factors
  • Social and emotional skills

Provide referrals to

  • Early intervention (EI)
  • Children’s Health Homes
  • Day care and preschool
  • Mental health services
  • Nutrition and breastfeeding support

Support for these challenges

  • Bonding and early attachment
  • Introducing a new baby to older siblings
  • Routines and schedules
  • Setting limits and behavior management
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Eating and feeding behaviors such as picky eating
  • Tantrums
  • Managing changes

Family Early Eating and Developmental Support (FEEDS) Program:

The FEEDS program is available for any child under age 5 with challenging eating behaviors. Families meet with a HealthySteps Specialist and Nutritionist at the same time during 4 weekly sessions. The program helps to address eating/feeding challenges. To learn more, ask your child’s provider or HealthySteps Specialist.

Early Connections

Early Connections is a virtual parent group that runs 1-2 times each year. It is an 8-week group for parents of children ages 6 months – 36 months. It is designed for parents to share, learn, and grow together, and discuss topics related to parenting and more. To learn more, ask your child’s provider or HealthySteps Specialist.