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We give teens a place to learn and express themselves.

We’re committed to making everyone feel welcome, especially teens! You can trust that when you come to one of our centers you will be treated with respect and your health concerns will be taken seriously and kept confidential.

What type of health care can I get at CHN?

There are many services at Community Healthcare Network just for teens. It’s your right to get confidential reproductive and sexual health care services — without your parents’ permission and at no cost to you. If you need other health care services, such as a general checkup or a physical for sports, you will need your parent or guardian’s permission.

In accordance with NYS law, we can see you without your parent’s permission and without them knowing.  If you have access to your Medicaid card then bring it in for your visit and let our staff know you don’t want your parents to know about your visits. If you don’t have Medicaid, many teens are eligible to be enrolled in the Family Planning Benefit Program, a free health insurance program for New Yorkers who need sexual health services, but may not be able to afford them. Even if you are not eligible, we may still be able to see you at no cost..  When you come for an appointment, we have staff ready to help you and to make it easy.

The following services may be available at no cost to you: 

We know what concerns teens have when it comes to their health. Here are some reasons why you should come see us:

Important note: It is important to get tested for infections even if you aren’t experiencing symptoms or your partner says he/she was tested.

Where are the Teen Health Clinics located?

All Community Healthcare Network health centers welcome teens.

How do I make an appointment?

Find a health center near you by texting CENTER to 877877 or by looking here. Call the center near you and set up a convenient time. It’s that easy. Everything you tell us is confidential. We will call you before your appointment to confirm that you are coming (and to remind you). You can request we use a code name when we call in case you are concerned about confidentiality.

Bring the following important documents to your appointment (if you don’t have them all, bring what you can):


If you need to cancel or reschedule, please call us to let us know.

If you are a female it is best to make a gynecological (GYN) appointment when you are not having your period. You will get better results with a Pap test and STD screening if you are not bleeding. If you are, you may need to reschedule unless it is an emergency.

What will happen during my appointment?

When you come to CHN you will first see a member of our nursing staff who will measure your blood pressure, temperature, height and weight. You may also see a health educator who will discuss pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STI) and HIV prevention and/or a social worker. A health care provider (doctor or nurse practitioner) will ask you questions about your sexual history, and will examine your genitals for any abnormalities and perform STI and HIV tests if needed. . It is important to be honest about your answers so you can get the best medical care.

What happens after my visit?

You will receive a copy of test results if you want them and will go to the front desk to make any follow-up appointments if necessary.  If you are over 18, you may sign up for our patient portal to receive some laboratory results via our secure web site.  If you have any questions at all at any time, you can ask a health educator at

 What Other resources do you have for teens?

For Teens:

  1. Become a fan!
  2. Sign up for free weekly sexual health messages by texting SexEd to 877877
  3. More Than Just SexWatch our PSA’s and subscribe to our youtube channel, created by teens for teens.
  4. Youth Conference: Come to our annual all-day, city-wide youth conference, “More Than Just Sex,” conference created by youth for youth… check back here for more details in the spring!
  5. Be come a Peer Leader:  Peer leaders are trained in the summer time and work throughout the school year.  Applications are due April 26th, 2014.  Click here to download the 2014 application. We only accept applications once per year. Watch our recruitment video here.

For Educators: