Be an Advocate

Let Your Voice Be Heard! Advocacy at CHN

In order to keep community health centers, like CHN, in the neighborhoods that need us most, we need your help! Elected and appointed government officials will listen to our voice if we join together and make it loud enough.

Here are some simple steps to take to make your voice heard:

Join the Community Healthcare Association of New York’s (CHCANYS) Action Network

Enrolling in CHCANYS’ Grassroots Action Network is an easy way to stay informed about important developments in the health center community and to be notified when critical health center policy issues are being considered by our state and federal policymakers. As an Advocate, you will receive important Policy Updates and Action Alerts from both CHCANYS and the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) and have access to tools to help you contact your Representatives.

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Join the National Association of Community Health Centers’ (NACHC) Campaign for America’s Health Centers

The Campaign for America’s Health Centers was launched because the Health Centers program faces real threats to its future as a result of actions already taken by and proposals being considered in Congress:

  • Federal support for the expansion of health centers has already been reduced and further reductions could dramatically impact existing health centers, and
  • Proposals to change the Medicaid program could undermine the financial stability of every health center – potentially reducing health center revenues by half.

The Campaign for America’s Health Centers is dedicated to stopping these threats to health centers and their patients.

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Personally Contact Your NY State Legislators