Teens PACT

Positive Actions and
Choices for Teens
(Teens PACT) Program

Our Positive Actions and Choices for Teens (Teens P.A.C.T) Program annually selects a group of teens that are dedicated, creative, outgoing, and natural leaders who have a strong desire to positively impact their peers and community through the prevention of teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and HIV among youth in New York City.


The Peer Leader Program is designed to help young adults develop solid work experience and important interpersonal skills. Peers host workshops, attend team building seminars and write and produce our YouTube-famous Public Service Announcements.

Activities include:

  • Comprehensive, evidence-based curricula (Be Proud Be Responsible, Reducing the Risk and Making Proud Choices) are offered in middle schools and high schools
  • Learning annex and life skills workshops
  • Annual youth conference
  • Peer Leadership Program  (Click for Application)
  • Media Campaigns (see our public service announcements made by youth for youth)

We believe that all young people will act responsibly when they have access to honest, accurate sexual health information and respectful, confidential health services.

More Than Just Sex Video Series

Empowering adolescents to live healthy lifestyles can be extremely challenging. CHN’s Teens P.A.C.T’s More than Just Sex PSA campaign is designed entirely by young people so that each video accurately and realistically reflects the issues they face every day. The series encourages young people to explore their own attitudes and beliefs around unintended pregnancy, STIs, HIV, relationships, discrimination and peer pressure. The PSAs are designed to be followed by discussion and activities that further explore the issues they raise..

Check out our latest PSAs: