Telephone Visits

Plan a CHN telephonic visit

How do CHN telephone visits work?

Step 1: Call 866 to plan a telephone visit with your doctor.
Step 2: A CHN team member will call you the day before your scheduled visit. They will confirm your visit and get your consent for a telephone visit.
Step 3: Make sure your ringer is on 30 minutes before and after your scheduled visit time.
Step 4: The doctor will call you from a CHN phone number.

Call 866-246-8259 to plan a telehealth visit.

*Sometimes during the telehealth visit the doctor or nurse practitioner will decide that the patient needs to come to the office for lab work, a vaccine or other injection, or a hands-on physical exam.


**Telehealth can also help determine whether a patient should stay at home or if they need a higher level of care such as urgent care or emergency services.


***Telehealth can be done with a translation service free of charge to the patient in a number of languages.