Telephone Visits

Plan a CHN telephonic visit

Our priority at CHN will always be taking care of you. For your safety, we’re offering a wide range of Telehealth visits.

We’re available for:

  • Chronic (long-term) disease management such as high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV, asthma
  • Refills on medicines and medical supplies
  • Reviewing your lab/imaging results and reports from other doctors
  • Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care for recent illness and acute (short-term) illness or mild injury
  • COVID-19 phone screening, help with managing symptoms at home, or referral to emergency department
  • Preventive care counseling
  • Healthcare for your child and parenting advice
  • Reproductive and sexual health advice and concerns
  • Birth Control and Family Planning counseling
  • Steps for starting PEP/PreP in a timely manner
  • Mental health therapy and psychiatric care
  • Suboxone services
  • Advice for foot problems and dental problems
  • Setting up in-person visits to be done at one of our centers when needed
  • Scheduling future vaccines (shots) and lab work to be done at one of our centers
  • Ordering future referrals for preventive services like mammogram and colonoscopy

Call 866-246-8259 to plan a telehealth visit.

*Sometimes during the telehealth visit the doctor or nurse practitioner will decide that the patient needs to come to the office for a vaccine or other injection, or a hands-on physical exam. They may also request lab work. You can find the closest lab to you via the links below:



Quest Diagnostics


**Telehealth can also help determine whether a patient should stay at home or if they need a higher level of care such as urgent care or emergency services.


***Telehealth can be done with a translation service free of charge to the patient in a number of languages.


For more information, visit our FAQs page.