At CHN, we help you
take control of your
health through education.

All of our patients can get one-on-one counseling and group workshops. If you have questions about your care, or just need more information, our medical, nutrition, health education and social work staff are trained to provide health education on many topics.

We offer these health
education programs

Family Planning and
Reproductive Health

If you have questions or concerns about family
planning options, just ask us! We’ll set you up with
a family planning health educator (or social worker
if needed) to answer your questions and give you
a care plan that fits your needs.


Have a question about sexual or reproductive health?
Send us an email to [email protected]!
One of our Health Educators will get the information
that you need.

Prenatal Health Education

If you are pregnant or planning for pregnancy soon, our skilled team of women’s health educators, social workers, nurses, and nutritionists are here to support you during this exciting journey! Have a question? Just ask us! We offer one-on-one and group health education on:

  • Health insurance while pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Labor and birth
  • Family planning
  • Parenting
  • Post-partum (after pregnancy) basics

We also offer health education in the community

  • Workshops: Staff give workshops at many community-based organizations, including schools, Staff give workshops at many community-based organizations, including schools,  faith-based organizations, shelters, soup kitchens and substance abuse treatment centers.                              Learn more about our workshops
  • Medical Mobile Van: Our mobile van also offers sexual health education.                 Learn more about our workshops
  • Health Fairs: Find us at community health fairs!
    We’ll offer education and health screenings at no cost
  • Outreach:CHN’s HIV outreach team conducts street outreach. CHN’s HIV outreach team conducts street outreach.  The HIV outreach team will give out HIV information and bring patients to CHN centers for care.  Email Hyram Laurel at [email protected] to learn more.