Community Healthcare Network

For Professionals

Community Psychiatry

PMHNP Fellows will be exposed to innovative models of Community Psychiatry that are rooted in evidence-based principles of integrated medical and behavioral healthcare. Team-based care, interprofessional education, and practice efficiency will be emphasized with ongoing attention toward cultural sensitivity.

By the end of the year, Community Psychiatry NP Fellows will be:

  • Proficient in providing high-quality psychiatric care to the medically underserved population in the community setting.
  • Experienced in working in a team-based approach and serving as a leader to the behavioral health team.
  • Efficiently capable of seeing 10-12 patients in a full clinical workday.
  • Competent and skilled in diagnosing and managing a variety of mental health and substance use disorders.
  • Equipped to effectively treat a wide range of patients of all ages.
  • Able to demonstrate a proficient knowledge of psychopharmacology.

PMHNP Scholars

Our goal is to create a supportive learning environment for recent Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner graduates in Community Mental Health. The aim is to further develop foundational skills, gain confidence in practice and foster interagency collaboration. The Community Psychiatry portion of our fellowship is very unique and has two components. The first are Fellows. Fellows are employed by Community Healthcare Network. Fellows see their own patients, are assigned to collaborate with the entire fellowship cohort on conferencing and presentations of cases, attend didactics, and observe in specialty rotations. The other component are Scholars who are employed by another organization but attend our program’s didactics and case conferencing/presentations.