Community Healthcare Network

For Professionals


At Community Healthcare Network, we advocate for the health and well-being of all of our patients.

Let Your Voice Be Heard! Advocacy at CHN

In order to keep community health centers, like CHN, in the neighborhoods that need us most, we need your help! Elected and appointed government officials will listen to our voice if we join together and make it loud enough.

The Policy Institute

Our policy professionals are working to protect and advance policies that impact the mission of CHN at the federal, state, and local levels.

The Institute relies on CHN’s real life experience providing healthcare to underserved New Yorkers to advance public policy initiatives that will improve the lives of CHN patients and, ultimately, all Americans.

The Institute monitors the changing healthcare environment, provides analysis of issues affecting health centers and delivery of healthcare to medically underserved communities, creates partnerships to advance sound and humane public policies, and fights for changes we believe will improve how the nation’s most vulnerable patients receive care.

We can’t do it alone, so please let us know if you have ideas for how we can continue to expand and improve healthcare.

Current policy priorities include:

  • Same-Day Billing for Medicaid
  • Telehealth Expansion
  • Expedited Credentialing for Medicaid Providers
  • Access to Family Planning Services
  • Healthy Food Access
  • Expanded Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment

Policy Champions

As part of Community Healthcare Network’s grass roots advocacy, CHN has appointed several individuals from each clinic to serve as Policy Champions for their community. Each Policy Champion engages with local issues and works alongside community organizations to advocate for patient access to important resources, such as housing, healthy food, and employment. Policy Champions keep a pulse on pertinent issues and highlight areas where CHN can positively impact its communities.