Telehealth: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to come in for in-person visits?

We are taking every step possible to make sure we can practice safely in our clinics. We are following the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and NY State and City guidelines closely. Some actions that CHN has put in place to increase safety and prevent the spread of COVID-19 are:

  • We are limiting in-person visits to reduce the number of patients in the centers at any time. We will continue to offer telehealth and video visits for our patients.
  • All patients are asked about COVID-19 symptoms at the front desk. If a patient answers “yes” to having any COVID-19 related symptoms, we will isolate the patient for assessment.
  • All patients, staff, and visitors must have their temperature taken when coming into the center. We will be using no-touch thermometers.
  • All patients, staff, and visitors in the center must wear a mask.
  • All surfaces in the waiting area are cleaned repeatedly throughout the day.
  • We have marked areas in the centers and re-arranged waiting rooms to allow for a 6 feet distance between people.
  • Multiple hand sanitizer stations have been installed at our centers.
  • Each exam room is cleaned and disinfected at the start of each day, and after every patient.
  • Behavioral health and psychiatric (mental health) visits are being done remotely for the time being.
  • Patients are offered home delivery of medicines through our LIC pharmacy.

What if I need to come in for an in-person visit?

Your first visit will be a telehealth visit. During this visit, your doctor can offer you care remotely and get any important information to limit the amount of time you spend in the clinic. If the doctor finds that an in-person visit is needed, they will schedule you to come in.

How does a telehealth visit work?

A telehealth visit can be done through a phone call or video call.

  • If the visit is a phone call, your doctor will call you anytime between 30 minutes before or after your scheduled visit time.
  • If the visit is a video call, you will get a text message from the number 882-86. That will be your doctor trying to reach you. Here are the steps to follow for a video call:

  1. 1. Open the text message. Click the link (or the blue words).
  2. 2. Click on ‘consent to receive messages’ to join the call and agree to get text messages from your doctor related to your care.
  3. 3. Click on ‘join video call’. You may see the message ‘waiting for other participant to join.’ This means you may have to wait a few minutes for the doctor. The text and video call will use part of your text and data plan. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi if you need it.

My doctor would like me to get labs done. Where can I find the nearest lab?

You can find the closest labs to you by clicking on the links below:


Quest Diagnostics

Will my telehealth visit be a video call or phone call?

A telehealth visit can be a video or a phone call. In most cases, the doctor will need the video on to best address the patient’s concern.

How can a doctor help me through the phone?

We offer a wide range of services that can be done over the phone and do not require an in-person visit. Some of these services include:

  • Refills for medicines and medical supplies
  • Parenting advice
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Reviewing lab/imaging reports
  • COVID-19 screening
  • Reproductive and sexual health advice
  • Mental health therapy and care
  • Advice for foot and dental problems

Will I have to call or wait for the call?

Your doctor will give you a call anytime between 30 minutes before or after your scheduled visit time. Please be sure to keep your phone with you during that time and make sure your ringer is on.

Can I go in to get tested for COVID-19?

While we do not offer COVID-19 testing at our clinics, we are doing antibody tests to see if you may have been exposed.

Can I be seen for non-COVID-19 related concerns at the center?

Yes. If an in-person visit is needed, you will be able to be seen at the center.

Why do I need a telehealth visit for a refill on medicine?

In some cases, the doctor will want to schedule a visit with you before prescribing medicines. If that is the case, a telehealth visit will be needed.

If I miss my phone call from my doctor, what should I do?

The doctor will try calling you several times if you miss a phone call. If the visit was missed, we will give you a call to re-schedule the visit.

Will I be speaking to my doctor or someone else?

We will try our best to get you a visit with your regular doctor. If your doctor is not available and the visit is urgent, we may schedule you with another doctor in the network.

Would I be able to have a telephone visit in the future for minor concerns?

Yes, we will be continuing to do telephone visits for the near future.

How long will the call be?

Telehealth visits may be up to 20 minutes long. They can be shorter, depending on the concerns that need to be addressed.