Dear Team:

                One of the great things about Community Healthcare Network is the diversity of the communities that our health centers serve all across this great City. One of the most difficult things about CHN is the dispersion of our health centers all across this great City – each community with differing needs and varying challenges.

                That all leads to CHN needing to maintain a delicate balance between local health center autonomy and centralized supports and standards.

                The balance will never be perfect, but the key to getting it as close to right as we can depends on strong and clear communication. And then more communication. And then some more.

                Part of management training at CHN involves stressing the importance of communication, and I expect all managers to have open doors to hear the concerns and questions of staff. Folks are free to drop into my office, email me, or rely on the good old Suggestion Box, linked at the upper left side of our portal’s home page here.   I expect all managers to take a similar open mic approach.

                Earlier this year, CHN asked you to rank the usefulness of our regularly scheduled information-sharing Memos and Newsletters. They included the Weekly DOSE, the Policy Roundup, NewsBites, and the Friday Memo.

                (Regarding this Memo, most (but not all) staff said they read it and found it useful. Writing is a humbling experience. Yesterday morning, in the coffee room at 60 Madison, one of our colleagues told me she always reads at least the beginning and the end of the Friday Memo, because that’s where the jokes usually appear. Oh boy!)

                In our survey, we asked what you want to know more about. With the results in, we are making a couple course corrections. First, the Policy Roundup – our report on political developments impacting community health – will appear every other Tuesday, instead of weekly.

                On the alternate Tuesday, we will be sending you an edition of a new newsletter named, at least for now, the “SUPER DOSE.” It will contain the kind of information most requested in the responses to our survey. We will include updates on new programs and services at specific health centers, information about new hires, promotions, and employees’ anniversaries. We will report on quality initiatives and share where we are making progress, and where we need to do better.

                We also will provide staff and patient profiles and will highlight initiatives that go above and beyond the call of duty.  The SUPER DOSE will launch on March 10th. Be on the lookout next week for a request to submit issue and story ideas to our communications team, led by Stephanie Lilavois and Jennifer Gil-Velazquez.


                I also want to remind you about a survey you may have missed via email earlier this week. The survey will collect data on how three of CHN’s main support departments are doing in meeting your needs. The three departments, critical to our day to day work, are Facilities, Human Resources, and IT (Information Technology).          

                I am proud of the department heads who want to know how you are experiencing their customer service. Over the past year, we have expanded the tracking systems in all three departments so that management can better track delays in responsiveness. The leaders of each department want to improve, and one way of tracking that is to test how their customers are feeling about their service.  If you missed the email from Stacy Abrego including the survey, here it is again (click). 

                So please take two minutes and fill out the survey, so we can tackle improvements where needed, and give high fives for successes. 

                Enjoy what looks like an early spring weekend.