Friday Memo- August 2, 2019


Dear Team –               

            I am happy to report that our next Chief Medical Officer, Navneet Kathuria, hit the ground running earlier this week here at Community Healthcare Network. Dr. Kathuria’s official start date as CMO will be October 1, and during August and September he will be diving in, getting to know CHN, and planning ways to improve services to our patients. A piece of that job will include improving the work lives of our clinical team members.

            Before introducing you to Dr. Kathuria, though, there is something important to say: thanks to the Medical Affairs leadership, all of you, for the way you have risen to the challenge of maintaining a culture of continuous improvement during what has been a protracted transition for the Department. Our clinical leadership did what CHN does best — we took a challenge and turned it into an opportunity.

            Special thanks to Drs. Sachin Jain and Kristen Manter who have done solid jobs as acting CMO’s over the past year. They are taking that experience and adding it to their expertise in continuing as Chief Transformation Officer and Chief of Primary Care, respectively.  Until October 1, when the torch is passed to Dr. Kathuria, Dr. Jain remains our Acting CMO.

            Dr. Kathuria, an internist, has a resume as long as Broadway. Or maybe I-95. He has run population health, clinical quality, and clinical integration programs for a number of major health systems in the New York metropolitan area. For several years, he commuted to Houston, TX, to serve as the Chief Performance Officer of the high performing Baylor College of Medicine.

            More recently, Dr. Kathuria served as both the Executive Director and the CMO of Premier Healthcare, which operates a network of ambulatory care centers providing health care to developmentally challenged persons and their families. In a way, coming to CHN is a professional homecoming for Dr. Kathuria. Back in the 20th Century, Dr. Kathuria was the CMO of The Floating Hospital, a Queens-based FQHC, with a focus on mobile health centers and homeless patients.  He is ready for us.

            Dr. Kathuria earned his bachelor’s degree at City College’s Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, his MD at Albany Medical College, and completed his internship and residency at NYU/Bellevue. He also picked up an MPH at Columbia, and an MBA at NYU.

            Welcome aboard, Doctor.


            To brag a bit, this is a pretty solid ship you are boarding, Dr. Kathuria. This week CHN was awarded a large payment from the Mount Sinai Performing Provider System (PPS), essentially for hitting a home run in improving quality care systems for many of our patients.  The Mount Sinai PPS is one of the mechanisms launched by New York State as part of its now five year old Medicaid redesign effort. The purpose of the “redesign” is to improve health outcomes and lower costs by shifting care away from unnecessary hospitalizations.

            CHN was assigned 41 areas by the PPS, all aimed at improving care in areas ranging from diabetes to tobacco cessation. We submitted compliance evidence for all 41 areas and established that we achieved each of them. The PPS agreed. The payments are strong indicators of solid quality improvements, and help keep CHN financially strong.

            These quality initiatives are another example of a project where no one person, or department, could succeed without a broad effort involving scores of CHN colleagues and multiple departments. Leading these quality initiatives were our stalwart Vice President of Quality Management Sharon Kaufman, and the indefatigable Population Health Manager Hetali Jokhakar.  Thanks and congratulations to all.


            No one gets paid overtime for this weekend assignment, but whether you have little kids or not, check out the charming new videos posted this week on YouTube by our esteemed Nutrition Department.

Cooking with Kids- Banana Split Breakfast

Cooking with Kids- Green Monster Smoothie

Cooking with Kids- Strawberry Basil Water

Cooking with Kids- Avocado Bean Salad

I am totally doing the Green Monster Smoothie – send me pictures of your efforts. We will post the coolest ones in next week’s DOSE.

            Have a great weekend.