CHN’s Home Nutrition Program
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CHN’s Home Nutrition Program

Posted on August 10, 2017

(pictured: CHN’s Home Nutritionist does personalized grocery store tours for our patients.)

Have you ever wanted a nutritionist to come to your home or go grocery shopping with you to learn about healthy eating? Community Healthcare Network (CHN) has a Home Nutrition Program to help our patients do just that!

Here is how the Home Nutrition Program works – A nutritionist meets an interested patient in their home and talks about her health, lifestyle, and dietary habits. They also discuss the food they have purchased and the nutritionist provides tips on healthy cooking habits, portion sizes, and reading food labels. The nutritionist helps the patient work on their health goals to lose weight and/or control their medical condition.

The nutritionist also goes to the grocery store with the patient. At the grocery store, she helps guide patients through the supermarket to compare shop and help with choosing healthy food within the patient’s budget. She looks for healthy items on sale, introduces new healthy foods to try, discusses how to prepare fresh fruits and vegetables, and points out healthier snack options to consider.

The Home Nutrition Program has helped dozens of CHN’s patients. Many participants report eating more fruits and vegetables, reading food labels when shopping, successful weight loss, lowered blood sugar, and also feeling more energy as a result of the program. One home nutrition patient states: “I lost weight because Sara the nutritionist came to my house. With the weight loss I feel a little better. Eating the healthier food makes my mind clear and helps me stay strong and concentrate better. It can help me possibly walk again. Going grocery shopping with the nutritionist made me learn about different foods that help me with my mental health and be more active.”

New patients are always welcome to CHN’s Home Nutrition program. If you are interested in the Home Nutrition Program call Sara Pellegrini at 646-939-7046.