Health Literacy Initiative

Health Literacy Initiative

CHN is dedicated to improving the health literacy of organizations across the tri-state area. Since 2008, we’ve been committed to the integration of health literacy principles at all levels of our organization to improve patient outcomes. CHN provides trainings and technical support to assist your organization in becoming health literate. Click HERE to learn more about our workshops and trainings.

Health Literacy Training Institute Workshops

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News & Updates

Health Literacy Happenings: A Blog for Providers

Jul 7, 2015

It’s summer time! Summer comes with health problems like dehydration and heat strokes. You may find that some of your patients have these common summer health problems. Use these quick and easy plain language definitions so that your patients can know what to avoid during the summer.   1. Don’t say: Dehydration is excessive loss …read more

Patient Blog: Empower Yourself through Health

Jul 7, 2015

Where do I go to get care when I’m not well? When you’re hurt or very sick, there are different places you can go to get care. Try to go to your regular doctor who you see for yearly check-ups if you can. If your regular doctor can’t see you or isn’t open when you need …read more

Health Literacy Resources

What Makes a Material Health Literate? icon

What Makes a Material Health Literate?

Know the difference between health literate and non-heath literate material with this helpful chart.

Health Literacy Training Resources icon

Health Literacy Training Resources

A helpful guide with plain language tips and tricks, and more.