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Our Bronx Center offers a safe space for the Transgender Community.

The Transgender Program

Transgender people have specific healthcare concerns and oftentimes face bias, discrimination, or ignorance when seeking medical care. CHN understands these concerns, and offers a unique and welcoming environment with high quality medical care. Originally founded in 2003 due to a lack of HIV outreach services in the transgender community, CHN’s Transgender Program now offers a comprehensive array of services.  CHN now offers three specialized programs for individuals of transgender experience at the Bronx Health Center in the South Bronx, at the Downtown Health Center in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, and at the Family Health Center located in Jamaica, Queens.

The program is open to all transgender people, regardless of their HIV status.

Transgender Program Components:

We encourage you to attend one of our weekly workshops (offered in both English and Spanish).

Please call the Bronx Health Center, the Downtown Health Center, or our Family Health Center for more information.

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NYTHC 2014

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