Policy Institute

The Policy Institute

Community Healthcare Network (CHN) policy professionals are working to protect and advance policies that impact the mission of CHN at the  federal, state, and local levels.

The Institute relies on CHN’s real life experience providing health care to underserved New Yorkers to advance public policy initiatives that will improve the lives of CHN patients and, ultimately, all Americans. The Institute monitors the changing health care environment, provides analysis of issues affecting health centers and delivery of health care to medically underserved communities, creates partnerships to advance sound and humane public policies, and fights for changes we believe will improve how the nation’s most vulnerable patients receive care.

We can’t do it alone, so please let us know if you have ideas for how we can continue to expand and improve healthcare.

Current policy objectives include:  

Sustainable funding for Nurse Practitioner Fellowship/Residency programs

  • CHN has the first primary care Nurse Practitioner fellowship program in New York State, which aims to increase recruitment and retention of primary care providers in the community healthcare setting. Programs like these need sustainable funding to expand their impact. View a one-page overview of the program and our ask HERE.

Statewide Colonoscopy Registry

  • CHN providers work hard to ensure that our patients are up to date on all of their life-saving screenings and testing, but more often than not, patients are unable to recall the date or results of their last colonoscopy. A statewide registry would go a long way to ensuring that every patient receives the appropriate tests, and will eliminate the ordering of necessary colonoscopies. View our recommendation HERE.

Title X Family Planning Funding

  • Title X family planning centers have provided high quality and cost-effective family planning and related preventive health services for low-income women and men – and CHN is one of these. Our providers offer services to all young men and women in need of care. CHN, alongside many other organizations, depend on Title X funding to ensure that we can provide this. View a list of our services HERE.

K-12 Sexuality Education in Schools

  • The Sexuality Education Alliance of New York City (SEANYC) advocates for comprehensive, K-12 sexuality education that meets the National Sexuality Education Standards for all New York City youth. This implies that the curriculum must be medically accurate, developmentally appropriate, evidence-based, culturally competent, unbiased, inclusive of LGBTQ experiences, and respectful of all. New York City schools have barely begun to provide this level of curriculum. CHN partners with other concerned stakeholders to advocate for the implementation of the National Sexuality Education Standards.
  • View the testimony of CHN family planning provider, Corey Westover, to city council HERE.

Podiatry Scope of Practice

  • CHN supports supports A0719/S6990, to amend the education law in relation to making technical changes to the scope of the practice of podiatry. There is significant demand for services to treat skin conditions on the lower leg and ankle, particularly among lower-income individuals. Instead of treating them in the community health setting, these individuals must be referred to specialists or public hospitals for treatment due to unnecessary restrictions. This results in delays, puts patients at greater risk, and can increase healthcare system costs.
  • View the CHN memorandum of support HERE.

LGBTQ issues

  • Click HERE to view CHN’s press statement on Governor Cuomo’s proposal to allow minor consent for HIV treatment

Federal and State Commentary – click to view CHN’s responses to proposed legislation

CHN offers an array of services proven to assist those with chronic and psychosomatic conditions. We are working hard to encourage those who are Medicaid eligible and/or have military experience to take advantage of the care and coordinated services that community health centers have to offer.

This list in non-exhaustive. If you would like to further discuss our policy agenda, please contact Diana Christian, Chief Policy Advisor, at 212-545-2410, or [email protected]